Bolle Sentinel Tactical Spectacles - Smoke Lens (SENTIPSF)


43,00 €

Ballistic sunglasses

  • Ultra flexible and comfortable frame
  • Ballistic polycarbonate lens
  • Adjustable non slip bridge
  • Comfortable and non slip temples
  • Anti-scratch , anti-fog coatings
  •  PLATINUM coating on smoke and CSP versions



Certified to STANAG 2920 and EN172, these SENTINEL ballistic protection sunglasses ensure maximum protection against any event. Thanks to its adjustable non-slip bridge, its flexible temples and its ultra enveloping design, SENTINEL will provide you with comfort and protection. PLATINUM coating on smoke and CSP versions.
SENTINEL is available in smoke, red flash and ESP.

Ballistic Resistance

Smoke lens : V50 183 m/s (658 km/h)
ESP lens : V50 178 m/s (641 km/h)
Red flashed lens : V50 186 m/s (668 km/h)

Ballistic Resistance STANAG 2920.

The ballisitic resistance STANAG defined by NATO ensures compliance with standards ballistic protection for military of Bollé Tactical eyewear. Each lens and each screen suffer the impact of a steel cylinder equivalent to a 0.22 caliber'' of up to more than 275 m / s or 990 km / h.

The STANAG standards are recognized in all member countries of NATO.

Mechanical risk - Low energy impact - F

Low energy impact, resists a 6 mm, 0.86 g ball at 45 m/s

Mechanical risk- High speed particles at extreme temperatures - T

The letter T, immediately after the mechanical strength symbol, authorises use for high speed particles at extreme temperatures.

Solar radiations risks: EN 172

Filter protection for industrial solar radiation.

Recommended for outdoor work, EN172 norm guarantee a protection of 99.99% from ultra-violet solar radiation.
Levels of application: 5-3.1 (Polarized) 5-2 (Twilight), 5-1.4 (ESP or CSP), 5/1.1-1.4 (Contrast), 5-2.5 and 5 to 4.1 (smoke)
Lens colour: depends on the lens technology

Anti-fog coating

The anti-fog coating allows you to work in optimal conditions by removing the effect of condensation that occurs when there are large temperature differences or when wearing non-ventilated frames.

Anti-scratch coating

The anti-scratch coating acts as a shield that improves the resistance of lenses and reduces the formation of scratches. It lengthens the life of the lens and improves user comfort, preventing any scratches that could impair vision.

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